Efficient Rail Bound vehicles for a better railway future.

Our parent company, Premnath Engineering Works, was founded in the year 1960 by Late Shri Premnath Dureja. After successful decades in the construction machinery business, his son, Shri Vipin Arora (current Chairman & CEO) led the company through its foray into Rail Road Vehicles & railway machines.

Rail Bound Vehicle
Railway Wagon

The Railway Wagon is a versatile rail-bound carrier. Designed for construction and maintenance, these wagons can transport heavy loads with a capacity of up to 10,000 kg, complemented by a low floor height for easy loading.

Equipped with floor-mounted rail rollers and clamps, it offers the option of inside lighting for nighttime operations and can seamlessly connect with up to 26 wagons for efficient LWR transportation.

11. Rail Bound Vehicle Rail Threader

Rail Bound Vehicle
Rail Threader

The Rail Threader is a lightweight rail-bound vehicle, expertly designed for seamless rail extension and retraction using its powerful electro-hydraulic motors. With automated extension capabilities and fail-safe clamps, it ensures both efficiency and safety in rail threading operations.

12. Rail Bound Vehicle Rail Feeder

Rail Bound Vehicle
Rail Feeder

The Rail Feeder is a robust rail-bound vehicle tailored for efficient track material handling, utilising an electro-hydraulic push unit for precise feed rates and an electric winch for drawing. Enhanced with automated operation, CAN-based controller, and surround-view cameras, it offers unparalleled control and visibility for operators.

13.Rail Bound Vehicle Mini Rail Tamper

Rail Bound Vehicle
Mini Rail Tamper

The Mini Rail Tamper is a versatile rail-bound vehicle designed for efficient track maintenance, boasting a high-torque piston motor and hydrostatic transmission. With a noiseless operation and optional automated features, it ensures precise tamping with actuator-generated vibration, without the need for rotational elements or eccentric shafts.